Mobile Application

Our Mobility solutions and services help organizations leverage contextual, real-time data to reach out to customers, employees and partners anytime, anywhere. Communication, Collaboration and Connectivity are the necessity for future-ready, borderless global enterprise and we bring it together by transformational strategies to deliver real, measurable and sustainable improvements in business performance.

We extract more value from point solution and provide seamless, affordable and a unique customer experience through intuitive and personal interactions.

Big Data

Organizations face vast amounts of data, organizational complexity, speedily fluctuating customer behaviors, and enlarged competitive pressures. Our expertise offers organizations harness their data and use it to recognise new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more competent operations, higher revenues and happier customers.

We help you to provide insights for cost reduction by identify more efficient ways of doing business and Faster, better decision making. We offer channels and platforms to compete over rivals with more organized approach and strategies.

Cloud Computing

We leverage our partnerships with the industry leaders to ensure you have the right solutions to maximize your organization.We offers organizations to create and distribute content in a meaningful way to improve brand engagement and customer growth and retention.

We have discovered and applied even more opportunities that offer practical, affordable solutions to any business.

Our expertise offer benefits to any business which is open to new information technology options. We believe in delivery of superior technology service and satisfaction to customer.

Our ambition to provide to our clients:

Establishment of scalable solutions

A secure and dependable network

Protection to confidential organization data

Secure arrangement of IT with business necessities

Business Technology Services

Technology and business are inseparably interlinked. We can’t profoundly speak about one without the other. Businesses continuously transform themselves through technology that enables them to be more responsive, more innovative and more efficient. Our motto is to help businesses succeed by ensuring that technology helps them work smarter and become more productive with the most minimum downtime.

We deliver the enterprise solutions that keep you more efficient at affordable costs. We link business strategies and technology decisions to create workableaccomplishment. We understand the specific need for specific business and our flexible model can cater to any organization need efficiently.We want to leverage IT in a way that endorses growth and success while helping you maintain a competitive advantage.

Testing Services:

We offers vigorous quality assurance and testing services for web, desktop and mobile applications. We are having the most advance testing technologies and a wide range of tools provides the most effective outcomes.

Our test engineers have huge experience in fast, cost-effective and fail-safe test solutions. Our expertise flawlessly combine theoretical knowledge, gained seminars, with practical skills to ensure the project result is comprehensive. We hard working team ensures the demanding quality and standards.

Our Quality Assurance specialists provides dedicated testing services to long term projects and team works closely with your staff. This process is exceptionally effective to mid to long-term projects that require resource scalability and a deep understanding of your product.

Enterprise Application Services:

Enterprise Applications are at the essential of each organization’s Information Technology structure. The conventional way of businesses has massively transformed with the innovations in technology with the time span, thereby putting immense pressure on the IT backbone of an enterprise. It becomes a necessity for any organization to visualize the roadmap of the enterprise technology that should align with the forthcoming business requirements. Organizations try to find a balance between constantly evolving technology based on cloud and real-time responsiveness, analytics etc. while consideration budgets.

Our goal of Enterprise Applications Service is to deliver innovation, risk mitigated and cost effective manner from simple to standardized models, in order to achieve strategic, commercial, administrative, operational and financial objectives.

Specialised Testing Services:

Web App Testing

Desktop App Testing

Mobile App Testing

QA Consultancy

QA Documentation

Functional Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing

Usability Testing

Compatibility Testing

Retail Offerings

IT plays a vital role in the management of complex and diverse retail operations. Control of data and information, Market knowledge is the key to gaining the competitive advantage in the retail industry. Markets are evolving and become more complex; the simple retailing process has underway to deploy more progressive retail information systems to handle with all the trades involved.

Retailers require embracing the latest innovations in information technology to enhance the engagement with customers.

Our expertise provides the support to particular challenges related to IT management in retail industry, including:

Customer information - Retails have to encounter with overloaded information and data as they are required to examine the mass amount of statistics, then create useful and meaningful data in a customer oriented industry

Transparency and tracking - While obtaining customer’s sales and supply information, retailers need to enhance the transparency between systems.

Universal data synchronization - Supply chain has become more advanced and intelligent with the electronic product coding. Real-time data watch at inventory level is a must for retailers. Moreover, with the electronic products coding retailer can track the products through entire supply chain process.

Security - In order to diminish payment security risks, retailers have to setup the internal security practices. Each industry involved in credit card payment processing which has to comply with security standards. If this stored payment information gets compromised, it can cause retailers huge government fines and lawsuits.